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Appliance Repair Atlanta Georgia | Atlanta's Repair Experts

Disposal Repair Atlanta GA


We repair all brands and models for garbage disposal units in Atlanta. Our Atlanta GA garbage disposal repair technicians are available 24/7: Insinkerator, Badger, Whirlpool, Kitchen Aid....

Please enjoy this video on the operation of your Garbage Disposal in metro Atlanta. Garbage Disposal Repair Atlanta GA is proud to supply this video to you to help you understand the basic operational functions of your Atlanta GA Garbage Disposal.

1. Connect disposer to 120-volt, 60-cycle alternate current (AC) only.
2. A junction box should be installed either in the cabinet compartment under the sink or in a removed location.
3. Mount standard amperes toggle switch near the sink, within easy reach of the user.
4. Use BX cable. Install BX connector in hole provided in bottom of disposer. Connect white wire in BX cable to white lead and black wire in BX cable to black lead. If BX cable is not used, provide a separate ground wire to nearest cold-water pipe or other suitable ground, using screw on bottom and bell for third wire.
5. If plug-in cord is used, it should be 30 inches long with a male connection of the parallel blade two-pole, three-wire type. Ground wire should be attached to a screw on the bottom end bell..

Since attempting garbage disposal repairs can be dangerous, in many instances work should only be undertaken by a qualified professional. And certainly the money you've saved by doing your own garbage disposal repairs will be of little benefit if a careless accident sends you to the emergency room. For this reason, let the professional who is familiar and experienced with technical safety work on your garbage disposal repairs. Please call for more Info.


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